IJsselaak 1906

1906 Year Built fair condition Condition 14.95 m x 4.10 m Length x Beam 1.30 m Draught 30’000 kg Displacement displacement Hull Type Steel Material 187 cm Headroom 1 Cabin No. of Cabins 2 beds No. of berths 1 Bathroom No. of Bathrooms 1’000 l Water Fresh water tank DAF 575 Engine 1 x 105 […]

Thoma Speer 450 HT

1990 Year Built good condition Condition 4.48 m x 1.52 m Length x Beam semi-displacement Hull Type Glass-reinforced plastic GRP Material 4 Persons Certified No. of Persons Outboard, four-stroke Propulsion Honda BF20D 20 PS Engine 1 x 20 HP / 15 kW Engine Performance Unleaded Fuel Type 20 l Fuel tank CHF 6.500,- apx. EUR […]

3C Composites Bongo 870

2009Year Built good conditionCondition 8.70 m x 3.45 mLength x Beam 1.80 mDraught 3’300 kgDisplacement B – OffshoreCE Design Category Glass-reinforced plastic GRPMaterial Tiller SteeringSteering Bulb KeelKeel Type 5 PersonsCertified No. of Persons 190 cmHeadroom 3 CabinsNo. of Cabins 6 bedsNo. of berths 1 BathroomNo. of Bathrooms 50 l WaterFresh water tank SaildrivePropulsion Volvo Penta […]

Bénéteau Oceanis 46

2009Year Built good conditionCondition 14.00 m x 4.25 mLength x Beam 2.05 mDraught 10’565 kgDisplacement A – OceanCE Design Category Glass-reinforced plastic GRPMaterial Dual Wheel ControlSteering Bulb KeelKeel Type 8 PersonsCertified No. of Persons 198 cmHeadroom 3 CabinsNo. of Cabins 6 bedsNo. of berths 2 BathroomsNo. of Bathrooms 580 l WaterFresh water tank 80 l […]

Polaris GLS 1300

Polaris GLS 1300 1997Year Built good conditionCondition 13.00 m x 3.85 mLength x Beam 1.15 mDraught 15’000 kgDisplacement C – InshoreCE Design Category displacementHull Type SteelMaterial 6 PersonsCertified No. of Persons 200 cmHeadroom 2 CabinsNo. of Cabins 4 bedsNo. of berths 2 BathroomsNo. of Bathrooms 400 l WaterFresh water tank 200 l Waste WaterHolding Tank […]

Bénéteau Antares

2003 Year BuiltAs new Condition10.00 m x 3.00 m Length x Beam1.10 m Draught8’000 kg DisplacementA – Ocean CE Design CategoryGRP Material8 Persons Certified No. of Persons2 Cabins No. of Cabins3 beds No. of berths1 Bathroom No. of BathroomsInboard Direct-Drive PropulsionVolvo D6 EngineDiesel Fuel Type Location Austria Berth Available Comments Sell here my Benetau Antares […]

Tyrell & Young Essexsmack

1998 Year Builtfair condition Condition8.69 m x 2.49 m Length x Beam1.35 m Draught5’000 kg DisplacementGRP MaterialTiller Steering SteeringLong keel Keel Type6 Persons Certified No. of Persons170 cm Headroom2 Cabins No. of Cabins2 beds No. of berths100 l Water Fresh Water CapacityInboard Direct-Drive Propulsionelektromotor Engine1 x 14 HP / 10 kW Engine PerformanceElectric Fuel Type100 […]

Elvström Jouet 22

2017 Year Builtgood condition Condition12.21 m x 3.97 m Length x Beam1.41 m Draught8’472 kg DisplacementB – Offshore CE Design CategoryGRP Materialwhite white Hull Color12 Persons Certified No. of Persons210 cm Headroom3 Cabins No. of Cabins4 beds No. of berths1 Toilet Toilets1 Shower Showers250 l Water Fresh Water Capacity110 l Waste Water Holding TankSterndrive PropulsionMercruiser […]

Reinke 15M

1996 Year Builtgood condition Condition16.14 m x 4.50 m Length x Beam1.65 m Draught22’000 kg DisplacementAluminium MaterialWheel control SteeringBilge Keel Keel Type8’000 kg Ballast8 Persons Certified No. of Persons200 cm Headroom3 Cabins No. of Cabins8 beds No. of berths2 Bathrooms No. of Bathrooms1’500 l Water Fresh Water Capacity80 l Waste Water Holding TankInboard Direct-Drive PropulsionMercedes […]